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Approaching Holiday season   Leave a comment

Just a note. I’d rather call it holiday season.   Christmas is getting a back seat this year.   I am back now from the Singapore trip, and the Adelaide trip. I have made sure I won’t be going to Seoul though.  As far as I am concerned as a family man, I would rather be here in Melbourne writing, than sitting in a SIGGRAPH session in some auditorium in Korea worrying about an insane man sending bombs onto my head.

Work is very cool at the moment.  I’m posting a lot of great work, getting invites to interview some amazing people. Writing well, feeling constructive. Getting a lot of good feedback (at last).  Working on many many stories, editing, working on Ballistic books and working on CGJobs. But gee I’m looking forward to disappearing to play with my family and get fit again.

My operation for the hernia in March did not go well. I thought I’d be painlessly going back on my cycle and doing more after the operation, but no. A combination of having little time to exercise, little chance to cycle to work and back (cos of weather and other overseas travel) and, yes general laziness, has set me into a bit of a spin.  My scarring is bad, and still sore internally. After eight months.

My Mum and Dad are hanging to see me, and I them. I have made a date for this coming Monday the 13th December. Lexi has started her holidays but it feels like it’s been raining solidly since she started them. But we’re seeing a lot of each other. It’s strange; I worked today from home.  I really got a lot of stuff done. But with Stina and Lexi home with me, I felt like I was on holiday.  I felt refreshed and communicative.  I felt alive and in control.  This evening Lexi and I watched the Zucker Brothers’ ‘Flying High’ again and ordered in a good pizza.  So good.


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